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Does your electrician provide you with a certificate of electrical compliance when work is undertaken at your home/workplace? It is a requirement of Energy safe Victoria that a certificate be provided at the completion of most electrical works undertaken in Victoria. DMV Electrical Services always provides a certificate when required. Works undertaken by unqualified people or works not certified by an electrician will void your insurance if any problems were to arise. Do you need to take the risk?

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    24 hours, 7 days Maintenance


    Electrical systems are be - coming increasingly complex, and should be regularly inspected, tested and maintained to ensure peak operating efficiency, read more

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    New Installations


    New electrical appliances such as stoves, ovens and dishwashers should be professionally installed to ensure the operate safely and efficiently, and read more

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    Electric Hot Water


    Over time various components of the electric hot water system can wear with a corresponding loss of performance and reliability. This can result in read more

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    DMV are the ideal choice for installing the wiring in a new home or extension. Many years of experience coupled with a thoroughly professional read more